Music.....the way it SHOULD be.

Jacey Taylor Music introduces a new approach to everything MUSIC.   Bring us YOUR song or album and we will assist you in updating, re-writing, all aspects of recording and producing it.  If your music is "ready" for recording, we will do just THAT.  If you have a concept or rough idea for your music, we will work with you to make it GREAT.

We  have an extensive library of our own music (in many genres)  that our clients may choose to do as a cover song and can make arrangements for you to perform.

Need a fabuous musician (anything from drums to cello to banjo and everything in between.)  We can add to your tracks, remix or completely re-do!

Additionally, we have original, copyrighted music for film, TV, and other commercial work.  

To hear more, call Jacey at 617-319-5626.  We look forward to talking to you!

​Jacey Taylor Music